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How to use travelwell?

Discover how can help you to plan and organize the perfect trip with your friends.

Plan the perfect vacation with your friends

Travelwell helps you to keep the overview in your travel planning. At a glance you have all the facts and figures about your vacation always at hand.

Share your trip with friends

Traveling with friends? No problem! With our Share feature, you can easily share your itinerary with friends and they can then help you plan your trip and vote on which option they think is best.

Automated price comparison

With our calculator you can calculate the total price of your trip and compare the different options you have in their price.

Create Pro and Con Lists

Create a pros and cons list to help you keep track of the respective pros and cons of your travel options.

Make the best out of every trip

We developed a tool to make your travels easier, more chilled and clearly laid out. Try it for free ➔