Enjoy the Best Restaurants in France

2021-04-06 – 5 min read

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It is not necessary to dine at an exotic location to make the experience worth remembering. A small setup or a local basic cuisine may often be the ideal eatery. It’s just that you have the right one to accompany you then even a roadside stall does wonder. A location is just a place, the memories lie within the moment spent with a particular person. Therefore, finding local eateries in non-touristy areas is the perfect way to enjoy fine dining without spending a fortune. These eateries cater to the locals who reside and operate here, thus they must maintain their prices low and their quality of the food high to stay in business.

Local or regional food is often worth searching out; it is certain to be the healthiest and most expertly prepared. It is the ideal route to get a sense of a region’s original flavoring. Since each area has its own culture, food, and tradition, its own distinct characteristics which make them unique from others.

From Massive classics to miniature auberges (inns) serving maybe just one range of home-grown cuisine, France seems to be full of brilliant restaurants. A few of France’s best restaurants are mentioned below, to kill your indecisiveness and help you decide which restaurant you should visit.

1) La Rotisserie:

La Rotisserie is located in the 5th arrondissement. La Rotisserie is one of Paris' most popular restaurants and is positioned just outside the UNESCO-listed Saint-Louis island and neighboring Notre-Dame. This Parisian bistro specializes in traditional French cuisine.

2) Café Andree Putman:

The Café Andrée Putman is situated in Bordeaux, south-east of France. This café is a beautiful space located on the roof of the museum of contemporary art with cathedral ceilings as well as a beautiful rooftop terrace.

The interior of this café was signed by the former worldwide celebrated personality Andree Putman herself. It is centered in a modified warehouse with halls featuring works by English artist and Richard Long, sculptor. The Café Put is only functional throughout the day, they don’t serve at night.

Café Putman is a perfect spot for a nice casual buffet brunch, with a vast range of homemade quiches, salads, madeleines, and seafood cocktails on the menu. On weekdays, the menu is more delicacies, featuring traditional cuisine with a twist.

3) Le Carmin :

Le Carmin is another delectable choice. This restaurant is situated near the Hospices de Beaune. The ambiance of le Carmin is warm and inviting, with a menu that includes typical Burgundian meals. The menu is modified regularly depending on the seasons and the resources of the local farmers. The stuffed chicken breast and chocolate torte are two of the most common items that are frequently offered.

4) Aux Coquillages de Diana:

Aux Coquillages is a floating restaurant, located on the lake of Corsica of Aleria, east coast. This eatery serves a seafood menu that includes oysters, fish, and mussels. The view from its terrace is beautiful, as one can view the Oyster beds from a distance. They usually don't serve in the evenings. Especially from Sunday to Thursday, evenings are closed in the months from October to May and also the entire month of January.

5) Passage 53:

Passage 53 is situated in Paris's oldest hidden passageway, "Passage des Panoramas", which connects Bourse with Galleries Lafayette. It is an unpretentious place with a minimalistic design. Although there are no silk carpets or any high-end interior, still have a warm and welcoming ambiance, tidy enough to feel fresh and comfortable while looking at it. It’s a place that puts great emphasis on the food quality rather than on the ambiance but still wins hearts.

6) Les Arcenaulx:

Les Arcenaulx is a sleek restaurant that serves a superb range of classic Provencal dishes. This restaurant is situated in a restored building that used to be Louis XIV's arsenal. The interior of the restaurant is beautiful, with vaulted ceilings and elegant stonewalls, equipped with bursting bookshelves, huge lampshades, and much more. It's set up as an exquisite library boutique. The menu features a delectable variety of fish, meats, and vegetable dishes from around the Mediterranean. Dessert and beverages are also added to the list. Thus, you can easily relax on the terrace and browse through the extensive collection of books while sipping a hot beverage.

7) Kei:

Kei is an eatery where the chef plays around with culinary skills. They serve fusion french dishes with a hint of Japanese flavoring. The food and the ambiance are simply spectacular, keep up with the philosophy. Beautiful white-clothed tables with flower arrangements in the center of the table. Minimal yet elegant, giving customers a soothing environment.

8) Creperie des Promeandes:

Although there are tons of restaurants throughout France where you will find crepes, the best crepe station in town is 'Creperie des Promeandes'. You'll find the authentic french crepe here. Crepe des Promenades is situated on the north coast of France, Breton. It's a budget-friendly, casual eatery that serves you delicious crepes made with traditional French recipes. Every single thing is made with authentic original ingredients. The most popular crepe on their menu is 'buckwheat' crepe which is made of seaweed and locally found goat cheese.

Summing up this article, claiming a fact that the above mention restaurants are just a few of them not even half of them, the list continues. However, hopefully, this little piece of information might have helped you know about some restaurants.