Explore the globe during COVID‑19, keep your adventure alive!

2021-03-04 – 6 min read

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Traveling, defined as an experience full of serendipity and adventurous moments, is adored by people worldwide to a great extent. Traveling offers people to Explore new places while taking some time off from their hectic schedules. The covid-19 pandemic has put a lot of traveling barricades on people around the world. These barriers have substantially caused mental and psychological stress as people are strictly instructed to stay inside their residential premises for practicing social distancing. This article will highlight how you can travel to some adventurous and exotic world-known destinations during COVID-19 while following all the sops. The main agenda is to provide our readers with tips and tricks on how they can smartly travel worldwide while keeping themselves and others safe.

Prepare your COVID-19 safety travel kit:

Amid a pandemic, it is indispensable for each and every individual to follow the Sops strictly and smartly. A vast majority of the travelers have become extra sensitive and paranoid while following the Sop’s. They have restricted themselves to extreme actions, which have now become the reason for stress and anxiety. As far as you are wearing a mask properly, using a sanitizer, and maintaining 6 feet distance, nothing is harmful.

Prepare a safety kit with a face mask, face shield, PPE suit, a pair of gloves, sanitizer, inhaler, and basic medication to provide yourself a quick aid when you feel the slightest of the symptoms. If you can, take COVID-19 vaccine shots for safety purposes. Make sure each one of your traveling companions is carrying a safety kit.

Try getting tested before going to the travel destination and get yourself tested after five days maximum after reaching there. Only if we take safety precautions into consideration the safety of ourselves and other people will it provide us mental peace and the comfort of being responsible throughout the trip minimizing the risks of catching COVID-19.

Follow the Sops for safety and security:

While traveling, it should be our priority to keep ourselves safe alongside maintaining safe others too. Since the arrival of COVID-19 and its declaration as a global pandemic, the governmental bodies have been strictly emphasizing following the sops.

The sops are crucial to follow as they are the key players and chief factors in keeping us safe from the deadly virus. People who plan to travel should primarily wash and sanitize their hands after getting in contact with surfaces or preferably wear gloves. Other than this, they should keep their noses and mouths covered by wearing a mask and, most importantly, maintain social distancing.

Traveling through air space can be a safer option as the airplanes have imposed a strict policy of distant seating. This has enabled the safe social distancing SOP for kids and adults.

Carry out rewarding research:

Like how we carry out proactive research before investing in a product or service, all the travelers should look up on the internet about the “Safe and reliable places” for traveling. This will provide them an insight into the different policies imposed as per the Covid restrictions in other regions.

Many countries have imposed a “14-day quarantine policy” for travelers before and after their arrival, extending their traveling period. But many adventurous spots such as the Bahamas, Brazil, Mexico, Morocco, and many more are welcoming tourists without any strict quarantine policies.

Islands, the land of exotic experiences:

Among the most known travel destinations, exotic islands have been the center of attraction for tourists. With lush green sceneries, sky blue water, freshly cut fruits, and freshly juiced cocktails, islands such as Maldives, Seychelles, and Bahamas have attracted a large chunk of tourists.

These islands have no strict policy implementation for tourists. The travelers are required to post their negative PCR alongside their travel health visa for authentication. Here you can find a list of countries where traveling is still possible during Corona.

Travel through sky routes:

Air routes have implemented particular policies of distancing all the passengers via the seating plan. People can travel from trains and cruises, but this restricts their destination choices alongside significant time constraints.

Taking air routes allow people around the world to choose a far destination with assured safe traveling in lesser time. any airway companies have come up with stupefying covid-19 Sop’s policies to ensure the safety and security of their passengers.

Collect the moments:

While you travel around the world during these difficult times, make the most out of your travel experiences. Collect these moments as the best memories of your life as this won’t be a regular travelling experience but the one filled with nostalgia of having the chance of travelling around the world amid a global pandemic.

Feel fortunate and lucky to have the chance of exploring this opportunity when many couldn’t even meet their loved ones because of the distance.

Beat covid, come back to life:

The first step to beat this pandemic is to capture and implement a lifestyle that can keep you safe and secure. Do not fight against the SOPs instead make them your everyday practice. Revert back to your old routine activities with safety precautions and resume travelling.

Without a doubt COVID-19 had a lot to take from us but it also taught us a lesson of living our lives to the fullest while we can.

Everything is possible if we are eager to do it sanely and smartly. Multiple travelling policies ensuring safety has emerged over the time. Now is the time to make more progress and resume travelling as it fuels up our soul enlightening us with the diversified people and their beautiful cultures around the world.

Travelling is a fiesta of surprises, discoveries and adventures. Every year people save money to afford their dreamy travelling trips. Do your research and choose your dreamy destination. Snap out of the dwindling thoughts of not travelling because of COVID-19, because it is the new lifestyle and hence we should resume normal activities especially start planning our travel trips with joy and harmony.