Four Lesser-Known Sights of Barcelona

2021-04-01 – 6 min read

Picture from by Benjamin Voros

Barcelona is one of Europe’s tourist hotspots, with a unique blend of culture, architecture, and detectable cuisine that makes every visit a delight. Millions of tourists lining up to this incredible place every year. Every tourist finds something of their taste within Barcelona. This city seems to have it all, whether you prefer a lively, busy atmosphere or something more peaceful. Even after several visits, there will still be new places to discover in the area. Therefore, many places have yet not received public love, despite being worth visiting. Since they are not known by many, they lack tourist attraction. Below we have discussed a few of such places:

1) Antic theatre:

Antic theatre is on the state’s list of architectural and historical landmarks. Antic theatre is a historical site that hosts independent and postmodern performances. This place serves as a symbol for new talent, they primarily host fresh and ambitious artists, encouraging upcoming creatives. Antic Theatre is a 17th-century neo-classical building that is stated as a significant cultural secret landmark in the city. This secret landmark venue is situated just a few minutes away from Palau de la Msica, in the Casc Antic ‘Old City’ and one of Barcelona’s oldest neighborhoods, Santa Caterina I Ia Ribera. It is more like a treasure, none would have thought that there would exist such a beautiful place among the narrow busy streets. Since to reach the venue you have to go through a narrow street and then entering through the heavy doors, you enter the parallel world. It is surrounded not by the walls but by buildings that make you feel like you have entered a secret joyful place. However, if you’re a music enthusiast and love being crowded with people then this is the place you must visit if you ever get the chance to go to Barcelona, you’ll love being there for sure. They host many concerts, plays, and dances in such an intimate setting history of the Romanticism era. The antic theater has a beautiful terrace with a view of the lush green garden. So don’t skip this place and add it to your bucket list right away. Go sit and enjoy the ambiance along with the budget-friendly menu, entertainment, and much more, all in one place.

2) Bunkers de Caramels:

The top of Turo de la Rovira ( bunkers location, at the hilltop) was used as a base for anti-craft warfare and protecting the city from aerial attacks during the Spanish Civil War in the 1930s. Visiting this place is like you’re seeing through an eagle as you can view the whole city from the top. Take a short break from public and walk up to the Bunkers del Carmel to experience the breath-taking scenes of Barcelona from your naked eye. This beautiful sight of the city makes the climb worthwhile. In one of the partially excavated bunkers, there is also a small museum. It now tells the tale of the area’s past. However, you would be disheartened if you show up here expecting amazing tourist facilities or events since there are none. All you would have to do is relax and take in the beautiful sights of Barcelona. But if you are looking for a cheap attraction or would like to maintain your traveling costs low then this is a must-see attraction.

3) Placa Del Rei:

The MUHBA Placa Del Rei is the oldest venue. It is a museum dedicated to the city’s history, with ten locations around the city. This museum is situated in Barcelona’s historic neighborhood, the Barri Gothic, near the district’s Cathedral. This whole noble area was once the courtyard of the count’s royal palace in Barcelona, as well as the Crown of Aragon. its ruins were found during the construction of the new building, then later it was rebuilt with the same material that was demolished back in time which took ten years. The MUBA Placa Del Rei, which first opened its doors in 1943, depicts Barcelona’s history from its beginning as the Roman town of Barcino through the Medieval Period. The trip to the MUHBA Placa Del Rei is thus a fusion of an architectural tour through both the museum’s ancient Gothic structures and a trip to the showcase of archaeological items, household items, sketches, architectural models, papers, and videos on display in the galleries situated in those buildings. Visiting this place will be a quite adventurous and intellectual one since all the development of Barcelona has summed up under one roof. Therefore, one should come here to get fascinated by how Barcelona has progressed through ages and know about its roots. As a tourist, one should acknowledge such places, as visiting such places will help him gather a little information about that particular city, which is a great deal.

4) Monestir de Pedralbes:

Queen Elisenda de Montcada founded the monastery and was then dedicated to Saint Mary by her husband King James the two, as the nuns were expelled during the Catalan Revolt in the 17th century. Since then, the sisterhood of the Clares has been in charge of the monastery. The monastery existed as a shelter for religious people exiled from numerous monasteries in the city several years later, during the Peninsular War of the 19th century. The monastery of Pedralbes is unquestionably one of Barcelona’s most magnificent gothic structures and is not known by many. It was founded in the early 14th century and depicts nun’s daily lives. On the other hand, the Pedralbes Monastery Museum houses ecclesiastical art from the 14th to the 20th centuries which includes a large collection of paintings, sacred artifacts, and so on. Moreover, the three-story chapel and gardens within the monastery are mesmerizing and are worth watching. Summing up with the fact that this is not even half of the list, there would be more places yet to discover. Hopefully, this article might have helped you know about a few of the hidden places. Do acknowledge them and give it a visit, you won’t regret sure.