International Destinations to travel with a low budget

2021-04-06 – 5 min read

Travelling, perhaps, is the one thing that we can unanimously agree on loving. Traveling to international countries can be quite expensive. However, there are many destinations where you can travel within your budget with inexpensive meals and cheap accommodations. Here are a few travel destinations around the world that you can add to your wish list:

1. Abruzzo, ITALY

A perfect place for nature lovers, located in the center of Italy. It has a beautiful National Park with tourist resorts and skiing and winter sports facilities. Situated within the mountains also gives travelers a chance of bear and wolf watching. Along with the fascinating views, accommodation and meals are also very affordable compared to other Italian cities. Tourists can easily get full course meals along with a selection of the best wines for as low as $30. You can even rent beachside cabins and homes at $50-$70 per night.

Source: made by Tomas Anton Escobar

2. Istanbul, TURKEY

Istanbul is surely among the most visited tourist destinations in the world. Where the East and West meet, Istanbul gives you the best of both worlds. It is the home of great architectural buildings and the Byzantine, Roman, and Ottoman Empires' capital. When visiting Turkey, going to the Grand Bazaar is a must. Your experience is incomplete without going to one of the main attractions of Turkey. Furthermore, the flavorful middle eastern food is very cheap, and the stay can cost less than $50 per night.

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Another vacation spot that should be on your list is Ukraine. One of the cheapest countries in Europe, lodging in Ukraine, inclusive of meals, will charge you nearly $40-60 per day, which is as low as it gets in Europe. This place is ideal for all seasons. The snow covers the mountains and most of the land in winters, providing the perfect landscape for skiing. During the rest of the year, the land gives a scenic look for the tourists.

The locals are very amicable. In fact, don't be surprised if a local calls you over for dinner. Ukrainians are not shy to show their hospitality. To add to that, the diverse and rich in flavor Ukrainian cuisine is something one should try at least once.


From the picture-perfect beaches to the lush, dense jungles... Thailand really is the perfect blend of everything. On the one hand, is its pulling natural attractions, and on the other is its bustling nightlife. So you can enjoy your peace trekking through the greens or by soaking up the sun on one of its beaches and enjoy its loud, full-of-life clubs at night. Needless to say, you can do all this at a considerably low cost.


Bali is another budget-friendly destination for tourists. The exotic beaches in Bali that you might have come across on your Instagram feed or elsewhere are the reason for their popularity. The place might seem expensive from the looks of it, but you can easily make an affordable trip. The local restaurants and cafes are very cheap and offer delicious food at very affordable prices, and if you book online before traveling, you can find hotels that are easy on your wallet too.

Another thing to keep in mind while your visit to Bali is you should rent scooters rather than spending money on other transport. The trick with Bali is spending smartly and doing your research well before the trip.


Nepal is definitely one of the world's cheapest locations, costing nearly $25-30 per day on meals and stay. Kathmandu, being the capital of Nepal, has a vibrant culture and amazing architecture and history. The place is heaven on earth for mountaineers. You can also find tigers and rhinos in the wildlife of Nepal. With its picturesque view, the place has a wide variety of rich in flavour food. One google search of the place will be enough to send you packing right away.


Costa Rica is a beautiful country with beaches, rainforests, and valleys. It is a great place to spend your vacation while saving money. There are many national parks that are perfect for tourist activities like zip-lining, river rafting, and many more. If you're one who loves adventures, then Costa Rica is the ideal place for you to experience exciting and thrilling activities. Tourists must try popular dishes like arreglados and pejibayes. It is also worth noting that Costa Rica is known for its coffee, so you might want to try that out too. The culture is very diverse, and the locals are the paragon of hospitality.

They believe in living one's life to its fullest, which is pretty apparent from their motto "Pura Vida", which means "pure life". Your stay will also be extremely economical, with hotel charges as low as $15 per night. So you can enjoy it without paying through your nose.

If you plan to take some time off work without spending all your savings on a single vacation, you might want to choose a destination from the ones that we have listed above.