Top 5 Destinations in France

2021-04-23 – 6 min read

Source: Unsplash, Ilnur Kalimullin

France has been one of the world's most famous traveller destinations for the past twenty years. Every year, it hosts almost 82 m tourists with the same zest and zeal. The tourists have always been attracted to France’s fine wines, modern culture, open-mindedness, wonderful food, pleasant weather and heartfelt chateaux. It has always been like a dream destination for many couples!

Most of all, whenever France crosses the mind, everyone thinks of Paris as a must-go place. The country's capital is a delightful city loaded up with the neoclassical design with a portion of the country's most unmistakable landmarks like the most popular Eiffel Tower. Apart from that, there's much more to see around the country than in only one city. France welcomes and pleases everyone who loves beauty!

You can visit the mesmerizing seashores in Normandy to witness the size of the Germanic culture in the Alsace area. Or you can visit the Valley of Loire to check out the mansions and plantations of grape, or the hearty culture of Celtic, Brittany. The one-stop which you shouldn’t miss is the Alps of French that has the most elevated pinnacle Mont Blanc of Europe. There are French Riviera, St. Tropez and the largest wine yards and a lot to visit in France.

Let’s have a look at the top 5 tourist destinations in France!

1) Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is one of the most popular and [worldwide known places in France](,Eiffel%20Tower&text=The%20Eiffel%20Tower%20(la%20Tour,tourist%20attraction%20in%20the%20world.). It has acquired the moniker of the "Iron Lady" that is 320m in height. Gustave Eiffel planned the construction of around 8,000 parts of metal. It was to be displayed at the 1889 World Fair.

It is the image of Paris and an epitome of hard work, inventiveness and great architecture. The tourists from across the globe are dazzled by the tall tower’s fragile breeziness regardless of its stupendous size and the amazing scenes at every one of the three levels. This high pinnacle is currently a darling and indispensable construction of the horizon in Paris.

Sightseers can feast with a view at the principal level or enjoy at the Le-Jules-Verne Michelin-featured eatery on the subsequent level. At the elating stature of 276m, the high level offers a general view over Paris city and beyond. This is such a spelding sight and place to have a great evening!

2) Louvre Museum

The Louvre Museum is one of the best-known places for exhibiting arts. In a dignified castle that was at one time an illustrious home, the Louver positions among the top European assortments of expressive arts. This Museum holds the Western Civilization's most well-known and renowned works such as Leonardo Da Vinci‘s Mona Lisa, Venus de Milomouldd’s first century BBC and Veronese’s The Wedding Feast.

The museum has around 35000 artworks by the finest artists which spent their lives on art. The place is so beautiful and informative that it is difficult to visit it even in a week. If you wish to know more about the place, you can hire a tour guide who will explain every piece of artwork in detail.

The assortment owes its abundance to the commitments of different rulers who lived in the Louver. The rulers have added multiple pieces because of France's connections with different allies such as the Venice Republic, the Vatican and Napoléon I’s crown jewels.

3) Versailles Castle

Versailles, other than an imperial home, is the magnificence of the government of France. The little chasing lodge of his father was transformed into an extravagant castle with a rich Baroque inside by King Louis XIV. The castle gives out an image of supreme force that has set the norm for royal courts for years to come in Europe.

The two famous works of Engg Jules Hardouin-Mansart namely the veneer of Baroque veneer and Château de Versailles are known as the World Heritage Site of UNESCO. The luxury and extravagance behind them are another story! The mansion also has the most famous and symbolic Hall of Mirrors. It has an amazing lobby that shimmers with daylight. The daylight enters the windows and falls on monstrous decorative mirrors to give a majestic look and feel.

There are nurseries all across the place which offer a refreshing feel and gives a fresh breath.

Also, you can visit Domaine de Trianon which has three major places. These include: Le Hameau de la Reine, royal residence of Le Grand Trianon and château of Le Petit Trianon. You can also visit the town of Marie-Antoinette which offers a pleasing, powerful and beautiful place around the lake.

4) Côte d'Azur

The Côte d'Azur is the most trendy stretch of French coastline. It reaches out from Saint-Tropez to Menton that has a close border with Italy. The name, Côte d'Azur, reflects the "Bank of Blue," a fitting name to depict the Mediterranean's entrancing cerulean waters. To English speakers, this marvellous oceanside objective is known as the French Riviera, words that have a ring of sun-doused debauchery.

During summer, the coastline resorts are loaded with seashore sweethearts and sun-admirers. This is the best spot in the summers! The rich and affluent are seen roaming around and enjoying their extravagant estates and lavish yachts. Visiting the town means witnessing the beautiful ocean and heavenly craftsmanship around the exhibition halls. Another popular destination there is Cannes that is celebrated for its worldwide film celebration and amazing inns.

Antibes has the best sandy seashores which reflect the Old Town and wonderful artwork and galleries. Tropez, in France, is known for offering breathtaking private and public seashores along with the fishing town with a staggering view.

5) Mt. Saint-Michel

Mt. Saint-Michel is one of France's most striking milestones. It rises drastically from a rough islet off the coast of Normandy and is known as the "Pyramid of the Seas" as recorded by UNESCO. It is a mysterious sight that is roosted 80 meters over the inlet.

Also, the Church Abbey of the 11th century has been a significant Christian journey objective. This is known as "The Heavenly Jerusalem."  To this date, normal proceedings follow the culture of the Middle Ages.

Hope this helps you in deciding your favourite spot for the vacations in France!