Unknown Tourist spots in France

2021-04-26 – 6 min read

Source: Unsplash, Luis Endelicher

France is the most loved and desired destination for many of our friends. People dream of visiting the Eiffel Tower, sitting at beautiful seashores and enjoying the majestic sites across the whole country. The most popular tourist destinations are highly priced and expensive for the masses and are flooded in the main visiting seasons. Apart from the main attractions, there are some places which have been less explored and hidden in the beauty of the country.

If you are certain about where to go for your next get-away? Or you are confused about where to go for an outing to France, you can visit different parts of France other than the main destinations like the Eiffel Tower or the Museum of Louver in Paris.

You can always make a stride further to investigate places that are less raved about, yet equally breath-taking and mesmerizing. Many hidden gems in France are craving for visitors and are less expensive as compared to the famous tourist destinations. In the off-season, almost all the places are available but these are a few places which you can visit any time of the year and get hypnotized by the beauty of nature and the works of the rulers of the 11th to the 19th century.

Let’s have a look at the secret diamonds and unknown tourist spots to visit in France that are simply holding on to be found!

1) Region of Auvergne in Central France

In Central France, the entire of Auvergne is a magnificent bumpy zone that has been visited by quite a few people. It is distant, rustic and wild with an amazing geography. The beauty of  River Allier flowing by it reveals the beauty of nature in its truest forms. It begins at Mende and joins with the Loire which is nearby Nerves after giving out its maximum strength.

You can also follow the Allier's serpentine stream, beginning at the Langogne market town to Brioude, from the majestic train ride. If you are adventurous, there are some crazy whitewater boating and kayaking which will offer you some great experience. You can also see other people as flying predators taking off in the skies above and having the best of their times. The Marquis of Lafayette is a little natural château from the times of the American Revolution is a great house like no other! You will fall in love with the Auvergne Region in France and the Clermont Ferrand.

2) Le Puy-en-Velay in the Auvergne

Le Puy Valley, across a high level, is a remarkable stop for travellers. It is where the mists race across the sky and offer three majestic tourist spots in the valley. These include a dim basalt house, Madonna’s transcending red sculpture and a sanctuary roosted on a 270ft high which offers a wonderful insight into what the place has to offer.

In the early times, the valley reveals the journey of Santiago de Compostela which still grabs the attention of the sightseers. The mid till end of the year, gives a hint of the 16th century Festival of Renaissance. This is a great learning and exploring sight for all those who love to roam around and enjoy the city.

3) The French Coast in the North

You can reach the area of Calais in a cross divert ship and take your way to the south motorway which looks like more of a Formula Race 1 track. If passing by, you delicately engine down the coastline on the little streets, you will enter an interwoven of great towns such as Montreuil-sur-Mer.

It is roosted high up on the bluffs, has the Le Touquet-Paris Plage, the nineteenth-century estates, respectable Plage, long sandy seashores which are a beautiful attraction for the kids and the adults to love to catch the crabs or sit under the sun.

The area of Brits has a long cultural heritage and a historical site which everyone who loves history or not will surely enjoy! It is one of the best 3-day road trips with so many mesmerizing zones to witness. You can check out the Ferry rides, visit  Chateau de Montreuil, ride to the North Coast and visit the Museum and Agincourt Battle.

4) Dijon, Burgundy

Dijon is well-known for its mustard which is of the purest forms. When the capital of Burgundy, revels in its fairly more noble days under the incredible and infamous Dukes, the city has a lot to offer.

The Ducal residence of Royals comprises an entire assortment of structures that are covered in all painted roofs, golds, grandeur, extravagance and marvellous artwork. Also, the Royals Banquet Hall is one of a kind and brimming with different resplendent burial chambers. If you plan to visit, there are multiple galleries and parks to keep you occupied.

Considering the other destinations, Dijon is comparatively smaller and its bars, eateries and bistros are worth a try. The neighbourhood works of art quite enough to keep you hooked. The shops that opened in the late 18th century bait you in for the acclaimed mustard, perfectly bundled parlour of candy and torment d'épice. You will hardly find this mixture elsewhere. The region is less packed, feels more homely, provides everything and is unquestionably worth a long visit for all types of tourists.

5) Albi, Tarn Region

Albi is one of the most beautiful yet unknown destinations for many. The French people also hardly visit the region despite knowing the heartfelt and archaic Carcassonne. Albi is just closeby and ruling the town.

The astounding red house church resembles a fort which gives a splendid and grand look to the whole region. The historical centre Toulouse-Lautrec is loaded with extravagant artistic creations of Parisians of the late 19th century. You must not miss the opportunity to check out the ravishing beauty and enjoy the historical heritage of the Tran region.

Hope you will enjoy visiting these places and explore the hidden gems of France which fewer people have visited so far! You can book your next destination now!