Unknown Tourist spots in Germany

2021-04-13 – 6 min read

Source:, Kai Pilger

When people think of travelling to Germany, all they could think of are the old and huge castles, the Black Forest, world-famous heritage and the cosmopolitan city. It is the land of strong people who struggled through war and different crises yet they came out stronger. Every place they own holds a history that no one could forget. Every castle, every path and every trail, has a tail of its own.

These places are truly remarkable and stunning and they truly deserve the right attention. However, some places in Germany are hidden gems of the country yet they are not being explored so well. You will be surprised to see how amazing and mesmerizing these locations are.

Let’s have a look at the unknown tourist spots and cultural heritage of Germany and are truly amazed by the beauty!

1) Burg Frankenstein

Source: Unsplash, Ansgar Scheffold

The Burg Frankenstein castle is one of the hidden beauties in Germany which has been standing since the 11th century. It doesn’t appear to be as attractive as the other humongous castles in the country but its connection with the famous book of Mary Shelley surely makes it a place worth visiting. This castle has served as an inspiration to Frankenstein and pushed him in moving ahead with his books.

Apart from that, there have been many tales circulating regarding the ancient fortress, the surrounding areas and folklore are countless. They’re not just ancient tales but ghost stories have been popping up for the last 20 years and now people are more dedicated to visit this place!

It is located between the Odenwald mountains which gives it a majestic and spooky feel which is just right for any Halloween party. Also, there is so much more to learn from the castle. It has served for several centuries and many different domains such as a hospital, as a jail and as multiple castles at a time. The kids would just love to visit this castle because of Frankenstein,  that is if you are planning to bring them along!

2) Rheinsteig

Rheinsteig is surely one of the well-known and one of the most beautiful hiking trails in Germany. It spans around a 300-kilometre area in between Bonn and Wiesbaden. Despite people knowing about it, they hardly go hiking there and they also miss the most beautiful bounties of nature on the way which will completely drop your jaws! The trail consists of 21 stages, wonderful national parks, magnificent small towns, amazing landscapes and beauty which you never deny.

You can start your holidays by visiting a few of them namely Konigswinter, Kaub, Drachenburg (commonly known as the dragon castle), St. Goar, Siebengebirge, St. Goarshausen and other small towns. The beauty of this trail is the old-fashioned towns and places that you will adore throughout the River Rhine.

3) Eltz Castle

Soruce: Unsplash, Ruben Daemz

The Eltz Castle has been known as one of the best castles in Europe and almost all the tourists agree to it. The interesting part about the castle is the 12th century furniture it holds to date. For the entrance and parking, you have to get a ticket for 2 euros and then additional 10 euros for the tour of the castle. Then there are two options, either you hike for 10 min or wait for the shuttle which comes after 10 min to take the tourists to the castle. If you choose hiking, you will get to enjoy multiple adventures in a single package.

The hiking track is loaded with trees which gives you a calm, clean and hygienic feel throughout the time till you enter the castle.

The tour guides can guide in multiple languages so be sure to select it at the beginning. Once you see the castle, you will be awestruck by the beauty and grace the place holds. The castle also has a cafe which serves good food in cash only. There are no ATMs and nothing could be paid by card. Always remember to keep some cash in hand.

4) Rakotzbrücke Devil’s Bridge

The Rakotzbrücke bridge has been named the Devil’s Bridge as it has a mind blowing arch that one cannot find anywhere else. It is rare and seems very difficult to be built in ancient times with no technology and advances in the construction industry. It is popular because of the tales associated with it. These tales make the place worth visiting and pushes the people in exploring it further.

The bridges seem to be so complicated that people believe that only the devil would be able to make people do such a hard job. Also, there has been a tale that once the bridge finishes, whoever will cross the bridge, his soul will be taken by the devil. Apart from these, there are several other tales which have been circulating in the past and still are. Yet, the people would love to explore the most extraordinary bridge.

If you are in Berlin, then it is a perfect stop for travellers and a must-go place for everyone. It might be a bit difficult to access it since it is in the depths of Germany. The best way these days would be to get the pin location and follow it to the trail. The Devil’s bridge reflection in the water makes a perfect circle which gives a magical feel just like the fairytales. It doesn’t seem like it has been built in medieval times. The view is simply breath-taking and simply out of this world!

5) Lake Königssee

Lake Königssee located in the Berchtesgaden National Park, on the south side of Germany is crystal-clear which gives a magnificent view to the tourists. It is considered the cleanest lake in Germany and only limited activities are allowed on the lake to ensure its purity and cleanliness. It does allow boat rides and lake tours by local businesses where you take a full view of the lake, enjoy the waters, hear the echoes and the shining rocks. You can surely not find all these in one place anywhere else in the world!