What to do in Austria with a low budget?

2021-04-16 – 6 min read

Source: Unsplash, Paul Gilmore

Austria is one of the most attractive holiday destinations in Europe. It pulls in travelers all year with amazing spots to come in for adventures in both summer and winter. Indeed, with a portion of Europe's best skiing activities, winter is nearly just about as occupied as summer in the country's astounding mountains. It is transcendently a country of upland regions and high mountains, with the Eastern Alps covering most of the area.

The country is the origin of old-style music considering it the place where Strauss and Mozart lived, it has to be an extraordinary one! It has a blasting of history and ornate design even to nowadays which are simply marvelous and unique till date. Once, you plan to visit Austria, you must keep in mind that it is one of the most popular holiday destinations so it is bound to be expensive. If you don’t want to put a strain on your pocket, you should devise a plan accordingly.

Let’s have a look at what and how you can enjoy your vacations in Austria on a low budget!

1) Book your Flight Smartly

While booking your flight to different parts of Austria, you must be well-informed and well-head of the plan. If you wish to travel to Salzburg or Vienna, you can try out Easyjet and fly safely on a low budget and enjoy the ride. Besides, you can pick Transavia - a Dutch carrier. With just forty euros for every way, You can easily fly from Vienna to Amsterdam or vice versa in just 40 euros and even save some cash for other activities.

The best of what you can from Austria is by careful planning and purchasing tickets at least two months ahead of time. In this way, you can get everything in your budget. Also, you can try out different airlines, connecting flights or off-season for affordable rates. Some airlines on special occasions, give out special packages and discounts which might be availed to travel at lesser rates.

2) Avail Tourist Cards

While visiting Austria, you can avail of tourist cards to get the maximum benefits. The City Cards are amazingly useful if you plan to roam around Austria. When you have a local tourist card, you will have limitless options for Austrian public transportation. Considering Austria a must spot to visit, it is mandatory to have public transportation that is incredibly useful, necessary and cost-effective.

Moreover, these travel cards offer free entrance to many parks and museums. If you get a card in Innsbruck, you can enter the historical sites free of cost. The same goes for the castles in Salzburg and the transport. It also allows you free entry to different theatres, shows and extravagant exhibitions.

Therefore, it is better to design your schedule and set aside the management beforehand to visit the city's attractions. These tourist cards are not only applicable for traveling, but they also offer discounts on various other locations such as theatres, exhibitions, museums and art galleries.

3) Travel by Train

The most useful and entertaining means of transport is the train as it allows you to see the major parts of Austria while being on the way. The trains offer a huge number of direct associations from Vienna to any desirable tourist city to and from Austria. It will not only offer a breathtaking view but will also make you want to go through the amazing mountains and get intrigued by the memorable and pleasant towns.

While going through Austria via train, everything you can manage is booking your tickets ahead of time. This is the most important thing! Make use of the Railways of Austrian Federal website to find out the discounts and packages. It is perhaps the most effortless thing to do to stay within your budget. The travel by train will offer you multiple benefits and you can also stay within your budget.

4) Spend Less on Galleries and Museums

When you finally reach Austria, it is better to plan your days and do not spend on anything which you can get for free. The city is full of surprises and has a lot more to offer than you think. If you have purchased a travel card, then it is a waste of money if you buy tickets for every museum or art gallery.

Some of the places are open for the tourists on travel cards, some have discounts on certain days and some are just highly expensive. Since everything costs money and you have to maintain a budget, spend less on things which you can get for free!

The country has a rich culture and historical buildings which you can visit for free or at very minimal costs. You should check out these on the tourism websites and then plan a visit there rather than pricey galleries.

5) Affordable Hotels

It is always a better idea to visit exhibition halls, attend shows, visit theatres and explore the best places in Austria, rather than paying high charges to the hotels. The country offers an assortment of lavish hotels which may entice you to go through your cash and get a booking. Regardless of whether they fit your financial plan, it is always better to go and spend the night in an affordable and comfortable place so that you have sufficient cash to appreciate the nearby food and repurchase a few keepsakes home.

Moreover, these days, the most well-known lodging anywhere around the world is being provided by Airbnb. All you can do is simply enter their site, tell your landing time and flight date along with the number of people. They will share a different alternative in your budget plan which you can pick at your convenience. It is always a better idea to choose a location near a metro station or public transport.

In this way, you will save your transportation costs.

Hopefully, these ideas will help you in visiting Austria on a budget, visiting the maximum places and make your trip a memorable one!