What to do in France with a low budget?

2021-05-13 – 6 min read

Source:, Leónard Cotte

Many people would love to visit France but being known as the most expensive tourist destination, people usually change their plans. Now, there is no need to change the plan. There are many places, activities and accommodation which you can avail at the relatively lower price with the best experiences in France.

There are quality housing choices that are drastically less expensive than you may anticipate. Also, you can discover brilliant food and drinks for pocket change. You can get around some majestic places in just a couple of euros and make your trip a memorable one!

Numerous extraordinary choices are frequently overlooked when voyaging gradually on a budget plan. To submerge yourself in a country so wealthy and rich in delightful scenes completely out of what might be expected, of the culture, layers of history, and joys for every one of the faculties. Although you won’t be able to see France properly on a low budget plan, you will still undoubtedly leave the country with a more legitimate and remarkable experience.

Let’s have a look at how and what could be done in France on a low budget!

Travel in the Offseason

If you plan on visiting France, Spring and summer are the most famous temples of the year, particularly in Paris and the South of France. This time will cost you your fortunes even if you plan on visiting the smallest places. However, if you plan out staying in France in the offseason, you'll love the untainted scenes, fewer sightseers, flawless seashores, and modest convenience.

You must be well aware that numerous traveller spots may have fewer openings in the offseason and some overnight boarding houses might shut down for the main seasons. Still, you may find exploring the city a ravishing experience and make the most of it. Southern France will be hotter all year, so in case you're fine with not having the option to swim, you may be amazed by how wonderful the climate is for touring in Southern France.

Cost-effective Food and Drinks

The best you can do is look for places which do not offer breakfasts in the package. This will save you some euros. These complimentary breakfasts cost around 20 euros per person which is just bread, cakes and espresso. You can have a much better morning meal from a local shop and enjoy the view outdoors. You can visit the nearby Boulangerie or Patisserie for good food for a portion of the expense. Also, you visit a neighbourhood bistro for a bistro au-lait that will cost possibly 3-4 euros.

Everything considered, you will have a better choice and your morning meal of croissant and espresso will only cost you 5 euros. The espresso is mostly on par with the best Italian. You can also visit the local produce market that has a wide assortment of extraordinary privately developed foods. Wild strawberries are brimming with a taste that has been picked from different farms and will offer the best taste which you haven’t had before.

Decent Accommodations in France

While visiting France, there is no compelling reason to remain at expensive hotels or motels. The best thing you can do is look for decent accommodations and spend most of your time outdoors. The best part about France is the uncontrollably different scope of minimal effort dwelling choices.

There are associations such as Gîtes de France which assist the tourists in choosing various facilities in France. Also, Chambres d'hotes are a sort of French inn with self-catering services. Other services include the Logis which are well-known for their tasty food and lodging eateries in France.

Affordable Dining Experience in France

Before visiting any place in France, make sure you have a list of the specialities the country offers. Then choose what kind of food you wish to eat. France stays a definitive objective for admirers of fine cooking. It has one of the world's best gourmet specialists - Michelin-featured, eateries all through the country. The refined dinners accompany the normal excessive food as well. It doesn't mean you can't enjoy the impressive food in France on a low budget.

The French have the art of transforming suppers into broad dining experiences, where you can have the best food options. Also, you must take care of the fact that the eateries close between lunch and supper so you cannot have a late lunch. The best would be to have lunch in the renowned eateries with the local people so you will get to know them and even save on the cost in the daytime.

Try out restaurants with fixed deals and meals. The fixed menus tend to offer the starters, the course meal and a dessert. In a fixed amount, they offer many things which seem to be a luxurious experience. Request a carafe of a less fancy wine, which is modest and at times of preferred quality over packaged wines found in different nations. You can get a basic wine which will taste a lot better with the dishes served with or cooked in wine sauce. This gives a wonderful dining experience in France!

Enjoy Free Tourist Spots

You can enjoy the best and most beautiful parts of the country for free and make the most out of your trip. All the beautiful things do not cost money, you can also opt for things that have minimal costs. Most of the areas in France are worth a walk in the city. The temples such as Notre Dame are allowed to enter and you can generally appreciate the outsides without paying huge amounts for it.

This is by far the most engaging and exploring method of enjoying the city at its best and keeping in mind how majestic nature appears to be! The city has a lot to offer and you can take the local rides and transport for exploring it further. There are various exhibitions, museums, art galleries that do not cost much and often are free on some days. Keep on checking different places for finding the most reasonable spots for you.