What to do in Switzerland with a low budget?

2021-04-14 – 6 min read

Source: Unsplash, Sven Fischer

Switzerland is one of the most wonderful and appealing countries which not only attracts the people with high-end budgets but also, the ones with low-key budgets. Although the country has been listed as the most expensive holiday destination, people still plan their holidays there. If you have the right eye and smart brain, you can figure out several ways to have a memorable vacation in Switzerland.

The country has so much natural beauty that you do not always need a ticket to view it. Some sightseeing destinations are free, travelling is economical, even the accommodations are cheap and some parks and activities are so minimal that anyone could afford them. The Alpine view, adventurous hiking trails, colourful lakes, natural habitats and beautiful wildlife are such priceless sights that even money cannot buy!

Let’s have a look at some of the things which you can do in Switzerland despite having a low budget!

Exploring the nature

Source: Unsplash, Andreas M

Switzerland is one of the most exotic and exclusive places for admiring the beauty of nature even by strictly sticking to your budget. Once you have sorted out your funds, transport and stay, you can just be in your backyard and enjoy the views, take breaths, inhale the fresh air, take unlimited photographs, go to parks or just explore the mountains. Switzerland, for some people, is a paradise in pennies if you have to complete the tours on a low budget.

The country is flooded with several hiking trails that range up high to the beautiful Alps with the most outstanding views all around. Up high in the Alps, you can find accommodation in valleys or you might choose the youth resorts in Zermatt, St Moritz and Lauterbrunnen. These are a few good belts for the low budget stays and activities.

However, for some adventure, you can try other locations such as Zernez which is the initiation point for hiking in a Park named Swiss National. The park is a completely different world filled with waterfalls, peaks, woodlands, moors, glaciers and colourful lakes along with wildlife. The natural habitats of ibex, golden eagles, bearded vultures and chamois are all around the park. These beauties are at a minimal cost yet these sights are so rare and pure.

Outdoor Summer & Winter Activities

Apart from admiring the beauty, there are free swimming in the lake options. If you are not afraid of cold waters, you can jump into the lakes and have once in a lifetime experience in such a beautiful place. There are urban bathing options, such as Rhine Basel, Limmat in the city of Zurich and Aare in the town of Bern, where you can float down the stream.

Skiing is an expensive sport but you can make use of the off-season and the discount cards to avail yourself if you are into winter sports. The low budget resorts such as Val d’Anniviers, Bettmeralp and Andermatt offer a 30% discount on skiing activities in the low-key season. If you plan a trip the right way, you can visit the maximum places and avail discounts and make the most out of your trip.

Economical Transport Services

Travelling in Switzerland is not much of a hassle providing the economical transport services launched by the government. The idea of renting a car might sound tempting but it will cause you a fortune considering you have a low budget. Rather than spending on travel, you can spend on visiting the Alpine passes and sky-scraping mountains.

The infrastructure of Switzerland is well-planned and efficient along with a comprehensive network of transport across the country. The SBB trains, the postal buses and the ordinary trains all are designed and built in a way that they cover almost all the places and villages in the town. These services also cover remote areas and make sure to take you to your destination at less fares.

Switzerland also has reasonable travel passes which offer many discounts and free entry to the museums and mountain excursions. People who regularly use rails, should opt for the Swiss Card of Half-Fare and get 50% off on mountain transport, buses, trains and boat trave

Sightseeing in a Budget

Switzerland is one of those countries that even have a lot to offer for free to people who love to travel and have a low budget. You can always go sightseeing the mountain scrapers, the beauty of nature and the outclass infrastructure. The wonderful sightseeing locations in Lucerne include fortified Murten, the 14th century, old and creaky Kapellbrucke bridge, Bern’s old town. Also, you can go hiking to Bellinzona’s multiple castles who give an outstanding view of the whole city and are priceless.

You can visit the museums with complimentary entries, a good collection of works by Van Gogh and Giacometti in Kunsthaus Zurich. This is totally without any costs on Wednesday.

If you plan to go to Bern, you have a chance to visit the parliament without any cost, catch sight of some bears at Baren Park or check out the heritage in Omega Museum. Moreover, if you head towards Geneva, you can visit the beautiful galleries filled with magnificent hard work.

Then, there are natural parks and other outdoor attractions such as the Rheinfall which is the biggest waterfall in Europe and the Staubbach Falls which have been a part of the works of different poets.

Affordable Eateries

As Switzerland has been offering and entertaining a lot of tourists, one thing that isn’t cheap at all is the food and drink. If you go for hotel breakfasts, you will rip off your pocket. Rather than that, you opt for the coffee shops, the bakeries and the butcher shops which can offer you better food in less amount. Also. find restaurants that have a fixed menu, they tend to have fewer bills. The Asian eateries or pizzerias have cheaper food as well. Along with hotels, some shared kitchens can be utilized if you have your grocery items.

Hope this helps you in planning your trip to Switzerland on a small budget!